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how to enter xp if forgot pasword Empty how to enter xp if forgot pasword

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How To Enter XP Even If You Forgot Password
How To Enter XP Even If You Forgot All Your Account's Passwords

There is a way (despite Microsoft claims that there's NO way aside from reinstalling a fresh copy of XP) to log 0n to your Windows XP system if ever you've forgotten all your users account passwords and don't have any administrator account to enter the system.

The truth is you don't need to install expensive 3rd party software or don't even need to be an expert to enter your locked XP system. What you just need is your Windows XP installer disc and your locked system to have an optical drive (of course). This is very handy if you forgot your administrator password and don't have any access to other account with administrator rights or if you're friend have also forgot his password.

Here's what you'll do if ever you forgot all your User Account's password and you thought (including Microsoft) that you can no longer enter your System.

Put the Windows XP installer disc into the optical drive (CD/DVD) and restart your PC.

Press any key when prompted with "Press any key to boot from CD", then wait for the "Welcome to setup" screen to appear, just press enter.

Then press F8 to agree on the license agreement.

On the next screen, you will be prompted to repair or install a fresh copy of Windows XP. You just need to select the locked Windows XP installation you want to enter (If you've more than one Windows XP installed) and press "R".

The system will then reboot after setup checked the disk and copied setup files (Just wait for the system to reboot). And when it reboots, don't press any key when prompted to "Press any key to boot from CD".

The setup will be automatically start the setup process. This is the most important steps, you need to wait for the setup to install the devices. Press the combination of SHIFT+F10 when you see the words "Installing Devices" at the bottom of the shown remaining minutes of the setup to finish.

After that, a command console will be open, where in you need to type "NUSRMGR.CPL" (Without the quotes).

You will be then given access to the User Account window similar to the control panel where you will delete or edit your forgotten password. Choose remove if you need to enter the system without entering password or edit if you want to change your forgotten password.

After you delete or edit your account password, close the command windows and let the setup to finish. (You will also be needing to enter the XP product key if prompted)

When setup is finished, system will reboot and you'll be automatically enter your system if you choose to delete the password or need to enter your new password if you just edit your forgotten password.

That's all! You now have entered your locked Windows XP system.

NOTE: I tested this on a system running Windows XP SP2. This article is for educational purposes only and won't tolerate hacking on others machine.


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